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NetClientCS Frequently Asked Questions


NetClientCS Frequently Asked Questions:

 What if I forget my password?

    • If you forget your password, please go to the Astrike Financial Portal Login screen and click on Forgot Password. A temporary password will be e-mailed to you.
  • Is the information I transfer to the portal secure?
    • Yes – in fact, it is more secure than information transferred by e-mail. All documents uploaded and published are encrypted to ensure safe transfer.
  • Is NetClientCS secure?
    • Yes NetClientCS data is stored in a secure network of data centers that are among the most advanced and secure in the world. See the Security of Your Data Fact Sheet  for details.
  • What is File Exchange?
    • File Exchange enables you to share information and files with us immediately and securely. This helps ensure that information is exchanged and questions are answered quickly, conveniently, and privately.
  • What is the maximum file size for File Exchange?
    • Files up to 2GB in size can be exchanged.
  • How long will a file stay in File Exchange?
    • It depends on the folder type:
      • Temporary folders: A clock appears on the icons  for folders that are temporary. NetClientCS deletes files 14 days after they are uploaded to temporary folders.
      • Permanent folders: A lock appears on the icons  for folders that are permanent. NetClientCS does not delete files from permanent folders.
  • How do I know if I successfully uploaded my document?
    • The document will appear as an uploaded document on the document screen.
  • What if I can’t view a document that I uploaded?
    • If you can’t view a document immediately after uploading, your upload was not successful. Please try again. If you can’t view a document that was previously uploaded, it may have been retrieved and removed by Astrike Financial. If you need access to the document again, please contact Astrike Financial.
  • What other things will the portal be used for going forward?
    • At tax time, we will send an interactive 1040 Tax Organizer to collect tax information from you. You can fill it in right on the portal, attach documents and more.
  • Are there any system requirements?
    • In order to use the portal, you must have the following:
      • Apple Safari version 5.0 or higher, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher, and Mozilla Firefox
      • Internet connection, preferably high-speed
      • Adobe reader (to view PDF files)
      • Microsoft Office 2003 or higher (to view Office documents)
      • Microsoft Windows XP or higher